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Dia De Los Muertos!


My favorite holiday, Halloween is upon us!!! I did these before I discovered painting with acrylic paints. So, all the art in this picture is done with nail polish striper brushes. It took FOREVER. Ha! Too many colors to name but I did do a base coat of nude in OPI coney island cotton candy. I googled Dia de Los Muertos images and just took little pieces of many pictures.


Getting Started


This is the first nail art experiment I ever did! Obviously, I’ve been painting my nails with colors and patterns since I was 11 but nothing too elaborate. I made the “sunset” background by starting with the lighter colors and using a latex make-up sponge to sponge on each layer. I painted these nails before I knew about dotting tools, stripers, or any of the fun nail art accessories that I’ve accumulated!



My BFF saves the world. She works with an organization that benefits children affected by HIV/AIDS. Tomorrow, she’s participating in an AIDS walk and I gave her some nails for the occasion. Obviously, the red ribbons are the symbol we are all used to for HIV/AIDS awareness. On her other hand I painted three zeros for the United Nations campaign ” Zero new infections. Zero discrimination. Zero AIDS related deaths.”
Thank you, Zoe, and everyone who helps make the world a better place. 🙂

Spun sugar…kind of?


I tried the spun sugar technique with some bright colors. I ended up top coating the whole thing pretty heavily so it became spun sugar meets Jackson Pollock.
Base Purple- Wet n Wild Megalast in On a trip
Spun sugar Sinful Colors in 24/7, Irish Green, Pink, Summer Peach, Dream on, Illamasqua in Rare


Pictures on your nails


My 6 year old son said, ” Mom, why can’t I have pictures on my nails?” Aaaallllrigghhty! I gave him a couple of tough guy rock star skull nails. He was proud and so was I.



Sorry for the break in posts but I’ve been partaking in all the activities this city has to offer. This mani is an homage to some of my favorite metal bands. The base black is Essie in Licorice but the designs are all painted on freehand (as always) with acrylic paint. I’ve got Slayer, Metallica and Motörhead on this hand. The other hand has Iron Maiden and Pantera but the pic was blurry 😦 Anyway, METAL!!!!! p

Irie Irie Irie Rasta Relaxation


It is unseasonably hot in the City by the Bay today. I’m wearing shorts!!!!
Anyway, Rasta nails remind me of sunshine and beaches. I freehand the lines and shapes. If you have the patience, you can wait until each color dries and tape the lines so they look more precise. So, use these as an inspiration, go braid your hair and relax like you’re on a beach somewhere…even if you’re not.
Gold- Fergie for Wet n Wild in Grammy Gold
Red- OPI in Big Apple Red
Bright Yellow- Illamasqua in Rare
Green- Sinful Colors in Irish Green